About Us

Since 2006, Spinula Systems has been providing professional services to a wide range of clients in industrial equipment automation. The expertise of Spinula engineers includes the design, analysis and manufacturing of special test equipment, fluid flow and thermal analysis support, CAD/CAM support, industrial control systems and industrial cleaning systems.

Engineering Tailored to Your Needs

If your company requires specialized engineering services on a short or long-term basis, Spinula is the solution for you. We maintain an extensive network of design and analysis engineers in the industry and can provide teams on-site or assist you remotely.

We Embrace Best Practices to Deliver Optimal Solutions

We encourage our team to adopt competencies and behaviors that positively impact our clients’ outcomes.


Challenge the status quo


Build trust through clear communication and expectations


Create a common plan involving everyone for success


Focus on the team above oneself


Commit to Continuous Self-Improvement for Yourself and the Organization


Building networks and external partnerships


To transform ideas into reality through a multicultural, creative and committed team dedicated to our clients’ success.


To become a multinational company capable of delivering high-quality services and effective responses to our clients wherever and whenever needed, while providing an environment for our employees that fosters personal development and professional growth. We focus on strategic and continuous growth without compromising our commitment to quality standards.

Core Values



Let’s achieve great things together! We generate more success through shared goals and mutual support. Our aim is to deliver value before expecting anything in return.



Most of our work involves confidential information. We protect sensitive matters and information entrusted by our clients.



No amount of money is worth betraying trust. We always strive to act with sincerity, honor, and the courage to be ourselves. We do all of this even when no one is watching.



We are committed to ongoing investments in the growth of our team members. We also encourage our teams to actively take responsibility for their own self-development.



We value our team’s and organization’s ability to honor our commitments, with clients and with each other. We take responsibility for our work and promptly rectify mistakes.

Quality Policy

The SPINULA Presidency, aiming to reinforce our values through our quality policy, establishes the following commitments:


Follow the organizational mission and strategic vision;


Develop COLLABORATIVE relationships with internal and external providers;


Promote SELF-DEVELOPMENT through mutual engagement in employee training;


Continuously improve our confidentiality policies and data protection to further elevate our commitment to CONFIDENTIALITY with our customers and suppliers;


Establish an ACCOUNTABILITY organizational structure where everyone is responsible and accepts the consequences of their actions in relation to our customers’ outcomes;


Nurture our customers’ TRUST in the performance of our products and services through continuous improvement of processes and technological solutions;


Meet applicable regulatory requirements.

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